Wouter Duijnstee, Delft University

<p>Wouter Duijnstee, Japan Congress Participant, Delft University, Delft, The Netherlands, August 2008</p>

Chris Addison, Euforic

<p>Chris Addison, Japan Congress Participant, Euforic, Brussels, Belgium, August 2008</p>

Peter Ballantyne, IAALD

<p>Peter Ballantyne, Japan Congress Participant, IAALD, The Hague, The Netherlands, August 2008</p>

Kevin Painting, CTA

<p>Kevin Painting, Japan Congress Participant, CTA, Wageningen, The Netherlands, August 2008</p>

Preparing the IAALD Congress 2008

<p>Staff meeting</p>

Takashi Nagatsuka, JAALD

<p>Takashi Nagatsuka, Japan Congress Participant, JAALD, Tokyo, Japan, August 2008</p>

Peter Ballantyne and Takashi Nagatsuka, JAALD

<p>Peter Ballantyne, IAALD President, and Takashi Nagatsuka, JAALD President</p>

Preparing the IAALD Congress 2008

<p>Staff at work</p>

Preparing the IAALD Congress 2008

<p>Peter Ballantyne and Takashi Nagatsuka thinking out out of the box</p>

Preparing the IAALD Congress 2008

<p>Material for displaying</p>


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