Magdalena Marenga looks forward to IAALD-Africa 2012 Conference

Magdalena Marenga is the Senior Librarian at the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Namibia. She is interested in attending the IAALD Africa 2012 conference in Johannesburg to learn more about rural development and food security.

Dady Demby on CIARD in Africa

Dady Demby (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa) speaking in Beijing on new directions forward for FARA and CIARD. Structures are in place, but there needs to be a focus on grassroots activity in Africa.

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Marie-Claude Deboin explains CIARD for French-speaking countries

Marie-Claude Deboin, head of the Scientific and Technical Information Delegation at CIRAD, comments on sharing ideas with colleagues in Asia and from around the world at the CIARD Expert Consultation in Beijing, and on making plans to promote the initiative in French speaking countries.

Justin Chisenga announces the 2012 IAALD-Africa Conference

Justin Chisenga from FAO's regional office in Ghana, speaking from Windhoek, Namibia during the AIAEE-IAALD-INFITA international conference discusses ICTS and the upcoming 2012 IAALD Africa conference on e-agriculture.

Hugo Besemer discusses new CIARD directions

Hugo Besemer from Wageningen, Netherlands, speaking from Beijing CIARD Expert Consultation outlines CIARD framework and plans to expand beyond open source documents to include data and other resources.

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IAALD Webinar sobre Mendeley

Entrevista por video: Luz Marina Alvaré del IFPRI en Washington D.C. (uno de los centros del CGIAR) comparte sus experiencias con el uso y la promoción de Mendeley.

Preparing for the XIV IAALD World Congress in 2013 at Cornell University

Video Interview: Jaron Porciello is chairing the Organizing Committee of the XIV IAALD World Congress, to be held at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, July 25-28, 2013. Mark it on your calendar!