ExCo members and friends

<p>Photo by Barbara Hutchinson</p>

Dady Demby in Zambia

<p>FARA's Dady Demby - and vice president IAALD Africa Chapter - was in the 'worldaginfo' working group in Zambia. <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://www.worldaginfo.org">www.worldaginfo.org</a></p>

WorldAginfo participants in Zambia

<p>WorldAginfo participants communicate by laptop during lunch - Stephen Rudgard (IAALD Vice President), Sophia Huyer, Revi Sterling, and Philip DesAutels.<br /> <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://www.worldaginfo.org">www.worldaginfo.org</a></p>

FAO rooftop

<p>Michael Riggs(FAO), Michal Demes, Barb Hutchinson, Arman Manukyan (Armenia), Franz Martin (FAO), and Peter Ballantyne on the FAO terrace during e-agricultrure week, September 2007</p>

ExCo members in Rome

<p>ExCo members and colleagues pose at FAO, September 2007. Left to right: Takashi Nagatsuka, Nick Maliha, Elizabeth Goldberg, Justin Chisenga (Africa Chapter), Debbie Currie, Toni Greider, Dorothy Mukhebi, Stephen Rudgard, Franz Martin (FAO), Peter Ballantyne, Barbara Hutchinson</p>

ExCo members in Rome

<p>Marie-Josee Cooke-Jehl, Barb Hutchinson, Toni Greider, Takashi Nagatsuka</p>

Peter Ballantyne

<p>Peter Ballantyne, IAALD President, between sessions at the IAALD ExCo meeting in Rome, September 2007.<br /> Photo by Barbara Hutchinson</p>

Dinner in Rome

<p>Peter Ballantyne (left), Martin Parr (CABI), Marie-Josee Cooke-Jehl, Chris Addison, Toni Greider, Takashi Nagatsuka, and Debbie Currie.<br /> Photo by Barbara Hutchinson</p>

iaaldjournal 2008

<p>Design for new IAALD journal<br /> <br /> More information at: <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://www.iaald.org/index.php?page=qb.php">www.iaald.org/index.php?page=qb.php</a></p>

Cornhole winners with Connie Britton

<p>Connie Britton and the IAALD winners of the USAIN 2008 Cornhole Tournament.<br /> photo: Debbie Currie</p>