India launches rice knowledge management portal

On 16 July, the Indian Prime Minister launch a new rice portal. The portal will help stakeholders to get information on all aspects of rice.

The Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP), funded by National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP), would use various ICT (information technology and communication) tools to provide info even on mobile phones.

The portal is built on web 2.0 standards and caters to the location specific information needs of many stakeholders throughout India.

There seem to be 2 different versions:

New book: ICTs for agriculture and rural development

Our colleague Raj Saravanan has co-authored a new book 'Information and Communication Technology for Agriculture and Rural Development' with a wide range of chapters covering the e-agriculture world in India.

farmer association kannivadi

<p>Members of the Reddiarchatram seed growers association outside their knowledge centre, Kannivadi, near Madurai, India. photo by peter ballantyne</p>

seed growers association kannivadi

<p>The group has its own weather station.Kannivadi, near Madurai, India. photo by peter ballantyne</p>

Sir John Daniel launches L3 Farmers

<p>Sir John Daniel launches L3 Farmers at Theni, Madurai District, India</p>

kannivadi knowledge center

<p>Knowledge centre staff with some of their paper products. Kannivadi, near Madurai, India. photo by peter ballantyne</p>

Open access repositories for Indian agricultural research

India’s National Agricultural Research System (NARS) is one of the world’s largest, with 26,178 full-time equivalent research staff functioning in government, public and higher education institutions and universities.

In this article in Current Science, the authors give an overview of the ways in which agricultural research knowledge in India could be made much more opena nd accessible.

Ajit Maru on the L3 Farmers Project in India

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Ajit Maru of GFAR introduces the Commonwealth of Learning -supportred 'Life long Learning for Farmers' project that started in southern india. Interviewed by Peter Ballantyne in September 2007.