Weed management for developing countries

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In 1984 FAO published Weed management for developing countries, to make available the most relevant information on weed management. As there have been several developments in weed management, FAO has updates the available information in this new publications on improved weed management. The paper comprises three chapters that contain valuable information in weed bioecology, problem weeds and details of various control strategies. Weed management should match the specific problems in a field and. therefore, some basic knowledge of weed bioecology is needed to manage weed infestation correctly in the field. The first chapter of the book describes the protocol for assessing the weed seed bank and illustrates the basics of weed competition. It also introduces the topic of weed risk assessment and provides guidelines for countries to strenghten their own quarantine protocols. The second chapter covers some troublesome weed problems in different areas, including water hyacinth. The final chapter is devoted to teh presentation and discussion of various control strategies for improved weed management. Although no information is given about new herbicide molecules, herbicide resistance and ways to manage it, as well as the risks and benefits of using transgenic herbicide-resistant crops, are well covered.

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01/01/2003 (All day)

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