ICT and Agriculture Sourcebook

The forthcoming World Bank 'Information and Communication Technologies for Agriculture e-Sourcebook' is being designed as an e-publication to maximize its outreach, with the intent of maintaining it as a “living” updatable document following its release later in 2011.

The Sourcebook describes a wide variety of ICT innovations and discusses the potential they carry for stakeholders engaged in agricultural development.

More information and introduction to the sourcebook

See the draft modules, contents include:

    Module 1: Increasing Crop, Livestock and Fishery Productivity through Information and Communication Technologies

    Module 2: Strengthening Agricultural Marketing with ICT

    Module 3: Strengthening Rural Governance, Institutions, and Citizen Participation Using Information and Communications Technology

    Module 4: Broadening Smallholders’ Access to Financial Services through Information and Communication Technology

    Module 5: Making ICT Infrastructure, Appliances, and Services More Accessible and Affordable in Rural Areas

    Module 6: Anywhere, Anytime – Mobile Devices and Services and Their Impact on Agriculture and Rural Development

    Module 7: Information and Communication Technologies as Enablers of Agricultural Innovation Systems – Research, Extension & Advisory Services

    Module 8: Global Markets, Global Challenges – Improving Food Safety and Traceability while Empowering Small Producers

    Module 9: ICT Applications for Building Inclusive Supply Chains

    Module 10: ICT Applications for Agriculture Risk Management

    Module 11: Farmer Organizations Work Better with ICT

    Module 12: ICT for Land Administration

    Module 13: Using ICT to Improve Forest Governance

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