International Attempts to Raise Corporate Taxes Hurt Everybody

MoneyIf Greece's ongoing fiscal quagmire demonstrates anything, it's that Europe's largest welfare states live in denial. Even as the bills from decades of profligate spending came due, Greeks took to the streets, not to demand a new path but to insist on continuing the status quo.

Martin O'Malley: Unknown but Not Implausible

CEDAR RAPIDS—In a party that produced such talented speakers as Mario Cuomo, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, this year's presidential race looks like a slog through an oratorical desert.

Selling the Nuclear Deal in Tehran

How have Iranian authorities been selling the nuclear deal to their own populace? In part, by using the same argument that many critics have used against the deal: that the U.S. and its fellow negotiators repeatedly caved to Iranian demands in seeking an agreement.

Republicans Have Waded Into the Fever Swamps

On Friday retired Gen. Wesley Clark suggested people who are "disloyal to the United States" should be put in WWII-style internment camps. He meant Islamist radicals, not Confederate flag-wavers. Either way, locking people up because they "have an ideology," as Clark put it, is disloyal to the Bill of Rights — so the first person to go in any Disloyalty Camp should be Clark himself.

Encryption Protects Free Speech: Lavabit's Ladar Levison on Online Freedom, Net Neutrality, and Cryptography

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"If we are going to continue to preserve our right to free speech in the electronic age, then we need to use tools like encryption," says Ladar Levison, founder of the Lavabit, the encyrpted email service used by Edward Snowden prior to the NSA leaks.

The Politicians' War on Uber

Hillary Clinton gave a speech warning that the new "sharing economy" of businesses such as the rideshare company Uber is "raising hard questions about workplace protections." 

Democrats hate what labor unions hate, and a taxi drivers' union hates Uber, too. Its NYC website proclaims, "Uber has the money. But we are the PEOPLE!" 

The taxi cartels, which provide inferior service and are micromanaged by government, don't like getting competition from efficient companies like Uber.